Monday, 15 April 2013

To many people, the Scary Movie franchise is like Marmite, some people like it, some absolutely HATE it. I loved the first 2 films as they parodied some horror movies and all their cliches, after that in my opinion they got downright lazy in their writing so 3 & 4 were awful. So how was 5? Well as some of you know my least favourite "comedy" of all time is That's my boy starring Adam Sandler, i also hated Jack & Jill...this film tops them both. This is the worst attempt at comedy i have ever seen and it would be a tragedy if you paid to see this garbage, or even watched it online, save yourselves the time and PLEASE DO NOT SEE THIS FILM!
But Danny, is this film worse than Movie 43? Hell yes. The last segment of Movie 43 made me laugh, this doesn't come close to a chuckle. The opening scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan is evrything you see in the trailer below, surely it gets funny from ther right...right??? NO!
There is no real plot to these kind of films but this one is ridiculous to the point of being offensive. They parody Paranormal Activity 4, Inception and mainly, Mama. The film tries so hard to force, i repeat force, a laugh from you but fails on near enough every single level. For example the opening scene that we see Snoop Dogg in runs with a joke poking fun at The Cabin in the woods, they use a joke over and over and over again that at the 6th time i nearly walked out of the cinema, i didn't though as i wouldn't have been able to give this review.
Usual fart jokes and drug references are rife in this film but dear god i lost count at how many times they did a man getting hit in the face by an object, or falling over joke, over and over and over again, this film is rated as a 15, when clearly the audience they were aiming for is 5 year olds. This is an insulting attempt at comedy and not just the worst of this long, drawn out and finished franchise, but the worst comedy i have ever seen. They even screw up lip syncing voices in the film, at certain points its blatently obvious!
So what made me grin? I won't say laugh as this film doesn't know how to make anyone laugh. A scene with the physic {which is also in the trailer, you're welcome} and a couple of references to Inception were okay as they got a good actor who looked like Leonardo Di Caprio to play the part, other than that, nothing.
I know my review is not gospel and if you want to go and see it then by all means go and maybe you will enjoy this but i have a feeling this film will bomb at the box office and will be soon forgotten about, but in all honesty there is no point in giving your hard earned cash to a film that's not even trying and is gladly taking its audience for idots. Save  your money and spend it on something worthwhile, i don't like to tell people what to do with their movie choice and hopefully someone out there will enkoy this film, but i highly doubt it. Already this year we have had The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Movie 43 and now Scary Movie 5, i can only hope the comedy gets better soon.
My Rating - 2/10
Positives - Couple of decent cameos, Inception parody, parody of the spanish maid from paranormal activity. only 88 mins long!
Negatives - Bad lip syncing in parts, too much man getting hit with object humour, jokes fell flat, plot was terrible, bad acting, failed at being a comedy
Thanks again for checking out my review guys hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to go and calm down in a very dark room for a few hours and try and forget this "comedy". Comment below and let me know what you thought of this film if you've seen it. Also, what is your favourite and least favourite of the Scary Movie franchise?
I will post new material twice a week so keep your eyes open! :}