Friday, 26 April 2013

Having loved Iron Man 1 and not being a huge fan of 2 {but still found myself enjoying it}when it was announced that a 3rd installment would take place i was very excited for the film and especially after seeing the trailers online. Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark iin a nutshell is this the best Iron Man yet? In my opinion, YES!
The film picks up sometime after The Avengers and to a visobly damaged aswell as mentally damaged Tony Stark who since new york has become a recluse and obsessed over building more iron man suits, his bizarre behaviour causes friction between him and his girlfriend Pepper Potts {played by Gwenyth Paltrow}, who is also the new chief of Stark Industries.
We are taken to a flashback to new years eve 1999, and a younger Stark is approached by a young, and crippled, scientist by the name of Aldrich Killian, who proposes to Stark an idea called Advanced Idea Mechanics, we later deiscover what that means but Stark arrogantly rejects him. Fast forward to the present day and this is where we are first introduced to the main villian in the film, The Mandarin, a terrorist who after a series of bombings, targets the president of the united states with threatening video pacakeges accessed through global television streams.
We soon learn after Starks rejection of Killian he becomes bitter and evil and you see that he and The Mandarin are connected in some way. After Starks friend, and chief security officer Happy Hogan is attacked, which has the traits of a Mandarin attack, issues a televised threat to The Mandarin, and in due cause, his threat is retaliated by blowing up Starks home. I won't go any further into the plot as i don't want to spoil the rest of the film for you, but what i will say is this is a brilliant comic action film and if you loved the first two you will love this more, maybe even more so.
Gary Oldman's performance as Killian is brilliant, he carries a genuine threat and is menacing in every scene he's in. So too is Ben Kingsley, who plays The Mandarin, his voice, to some, may come across as very campy when issuing his threats, i however felt it was very good and fitted the film well as it wasn't trying to take itself too seriously. Robert Downey Jr has some very funny scenes in this film aswell as when he needs to be serious you feel it in his voice and actions.
I particularly enjoyed Gwenyth Paltrows performance as Pepper Potts, she was very entertaining, had some funny exchanges with Stark and you can feel the chemistry those tow have on screen. She reminded me in part, to Anne Hathaways Catwoman role in The Dark Knight Rises, she grew as a character more and more during the film.
The special effects in this film are nothing short of amazing, in particular a scene that is in one of the trailers {the scene in which a plane blows up and numerous people are falling to their death and iron man has to save them} some very good stunt work in that scene along with many others in my opinion. I always enjoy the musical score in action films as most of them set the right tone for the right scene and none more so than in Iron Man 3.
This film is fantastic, i myself saw this in 3D and was worth every penny, you could easily watch it in 2D but i feel the 3D was used well in this film and not over used or blurry like in alot of 3D post production titles. This is the funniest Iron Man yet, and without doubt the most action packed of the series to date. 
There was even a child actor, who plays Harvey, who helps Iron Man at the midway point of the film, who was good in his small role and was'nt annoying! What more can i possibly say other than if you like good comic action movies then this is for you!
My Rating - 9.5/10
Positives - Robert Downey Jr's performance, Gwenyth Paltrows performance, Special effects, good humour, good villian
Negatives - {Not alot to be honest}, couple of scenes that i felt were building tension and then just went too silly and sometimes jokes didn't pay off,  Mandarins voice will not be to everyones taste.
Thanks alot for reading this review guys, if you are going to see this film, or have seen it already, leave a comment, what did you think of Iron Man 3? Which is your favourite of the series so far? Would you like to see a second Avengers film? Let me know what you think!
Take care :}