Thursday, 11 April 2013

Now before i start, i've never read the novel that this film is based on {written by Brett Easton Ellis} so my experience American Pyscho is that of just the brilliant film starrin g the very talented Christian Bale, who plays Patrick Bateman, a Manhattan businessman who mixes his vanity and desire to make it to the top, with his insatiable lust of extreme violence and murder.
As soon as you see Bateman for the first time, you are introduced to his very strict and thorough morning workout. His ice cold stare tells you straight away that Patrick is a emotionless, almost sub human character. He openly admits to having "next to none human characteristics" and sees everyone in his life as a pawn in his game, and uses the "friends" he has and his girlfriend, to give a false human persona in order to seem "normal". 
This film is not a generic Horror film as this isn't entirely a horror film, yes it has scenes that are extremely violent but it is more of a very,very dark comedy/thriller.  The music used in this film is brilliant. Patrick Bateman's love of bands like Genesis and Hewey Louis & the news and also songs from Genesis frontman Phil Collins {one used in particular in the infamous "axe secene"} are used to some funny, and also violent scenes.
Willem Dafoe plays a brilliant part as a police officer who soon afetr Bateman goes on his muder spree, immediately suspects him and his pursuit of him is compelling. Jared Leto also makes an appearance as Paul Owen, a colleague of Bateman who meets a very violent death at Patricks hands, or indeed axe!
This film was the first Christian Bale i had seen and i feel he was perfect for the role of Patrick Bateman, i had read that Brad Pitt was the preferred choice, however i do not think the film would have been as big a success if Bale had'nt been involved. He could have you laughing, to shcoked in a matter of moments and shows how good and dedicated an actor he is.
If you have never seen this film {released in 2000}, then what are you waiting for?! I have also seen the 2nd American Pyscho film, and i didn't like that at all as it didn't feel like it tied in to the original apart from a brief cutaway scene at the beginning.
My Rating - 9/10
Positives - Chrsitian Bale's performance, Willem Dafoe, Very dark humour, Good thriller elements
Negatives - Violence is brutal in parts might not be to everyones taste, sometimes tries humour in wrong times.
Thanks alot for reading my review, i'm sorry i have been running late with reviews, i haven't had much time lately to go to the cinema so ive reviewed this film to keep my page updated :}
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