Friday, 26 April 2013

Having loved Iron Man 1 and not being a huge fan of 2 {but still found myself enjoying it}when it was announced that a 3rd installment would take place i was very excited for the film and especially after seeing the trailers online. Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark iin a nutshell is this the best Iron Man yet? In my opinion, YES!
The film picks up sometime after The Avengers and to a visobly damaged aswell as mentally damaged Tony Stark who since new york has become a recluse and obsessed over building more iron man suits, his bizarre behaviour causes friction between him and his girlfriend Pepper Potts {played by Gwenyth Paltrow}, who is also the new chief of Stark Industries.
We are taken to a flashback to new years eve 1999, and a younger Stark is approached by a young, and crippled, scientist by the name of Aldrich Killian, who proposes to Stark an idea called Advanced Idea Mechanics, we later deiscover what that means but Stark arrogantly rejects him. Fast forward to the present day and this is where we are first introduced to the main villian in the film, The Mandarin, a terrorist who after a series of bombings, targets the president of the united states with threatening video pacakeges accessed through global television streams.
We soon learn after Starks rejection of Killian he becomes bitter and evil and you see that he and The Mandarin are connected in some way. After Starks friend, and chief security officer Happy Hogan is attacked, which has the traits of a Mandarin attack, issues a televised threat to The Mandarin, and in due cause, his threat is retaliated by blowing up Starks home. I won't go any further into the plot as i don't want to spoil the rest of the film for you, but what i will say is this is a brilliant comic action film and if you loved the first two you will love this more, maybe even more so.
Gary Oldman's performance as Killian is brilliant, he carries a genuine threat and is menacing in every scene he's in. So too is Ben Kingsley, who plays The Mandarin, his voice, to some, may come across as very campy when issuing his threats, i however felt it was very good and fitted the film well as it wasn't trying to take itself too seriously. Robert Downey Jr has some very funny scenes in this film aswell as when he needs to be serious you feel it in his voice and actions.
I particularly enjoyed Gwenyth Paltrows performance as Pepper Potts, she was very entertaining, had some funny exchanges with Stark and you can feel the chemistry those tow have on screen. She reminded me in part, to Anne Hathaways Catwoman role in The Dark Knight Rises, she grew as a character more and more during the film.
The special effects in this film are nothing short of amazing, in particular a scene that is in one of the trailers {the scene in which a plane blows up and numerous people are falling to their death and iron man has to save them} some very good stunt work in that scene along with many others in my opinion. I always enjoy the musical score in action films as most of them set the right tone for the right scene and none more so than in Iron Man 3.
This film is fantastic, i myself saw this in 3D and was worth every penny, you could easily watch it in 2D but i feel the 3D was used well in this film and not over used or blurry like in alot of 3D post production titles. This is the funniest Iron Man yet, and without doubt the most action packed of the series to date. 
There was even a child actor, who plays Harvey, who helps Iron Man at the midway point of the film, who was good in his small role and was'nt annoying! What more can i possibly say other than if you like good comic action movies then this is for you!
My Rating - 9.5/10
Positives - Robert Downey Jr's performance, Gwenyth Paltrows performance, Special effects, good humour, good villian
Negatives - {Not alot to be honest}, couple of scenes that i felt were building tension and then just went too silly and sometimes jokes didn't pay off,  Mandarins voice will not be to everyones taste.
Thanks alot for reading this review guys, if you are going to see this film, or have seen it already, leave a comment, what did you think of Iron Man 3? Which is your favourite of the series so far? Would you like to see a second Avengers film? Let me know what you think!
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Now i know this wasn't my next review as i was going to see Olympus has fallen, however i havent been able to see it as of yet and the next film i will be seeing is Iron Man 3 on thursday so check out that review on friday :}. But on to this, i received this dvd as part of the 3 dvds i got from lovefilm and wanted to know if this film would be funny, as personally i haven't seen that many good {or funny} parody films of mainly horror cliches featured in films like Paranormal Activity and the devil inside. This however, somehow fails at every conceivable level of a comedy and it on a par with Scary Movie 5 as one of the worst comedies i've ever watched.
So lets talk about the plot? What plot?! It starts out like paranormal activity with a family moves into a new house and as you can guess, not long after they move in, supernatural situations occur. The family consists of the mother and father {both incredibly dumb even for a parody film}, a young baby who  for no reason whatsoever they mock up to look like a wigger {Why??!!} and the typical moody teenager. Now without telling you everything that goes on in this film, apart from references to the films highlighted in the title sequence, they make jokes of Steve Jobs' death in one scene, Donald Trump {who was probably thr best part of this as the guy they got to inpersonate him was good} and why have him in there? Because the father of the family has an interview with the Umbrella Corporation {Resident Evil reference} and Trup is the C.E.O of them! WHAT?!
Its sounds alot funnier you reading it than it is on screen, and when they challenge the ghost to reveal itself, who shows up?...BANE FROM BATMAN! Why??
Now maybe i'm not silly enough to turn my brain off so much that even a film with non sensical references {notice i say references, not jokes}, but this is an insult to the word "comedy". I enjoy horror films but i also enjoy horror film parodies too, when they're done properly and have JOKES in them. You want to know how many times i laughed in this film? Twice, and even thinking about that fact makes me feel ill. I could feel my brain cells escaping the more the film continued and instead of laughing, i was sat in silence, totally shocked at what i was watching.
Also on a side note, when did fart jokes stop being funny? Age 5? 6? 10??? Nope, not to these idiots who directed this film, granted there's not a hell of a lot of those jokes in here, but why have them in at all? I feel a fat joke is put in a film when the writers and directors don't know how to get a genuine laugh in a scene. I would even say if you have the mental age of a toddler i would say go and watch this, but that is an insult to toddlers!
I honestly don't know how these films keep getting released and make so much money? I luckily got this on DVD as i don't think it was released in U.K cinemas, but i am glad this didn't reach us.
My Rating - 2/10
Positives - 2 laughs, good Donald Trump impressionist
Negatives - {Where to start?!} pointless references, fart jokes, simply not funny!
Thanks alot guys for checking out this review, my next review will be Iron Man 3 and that will be uploaded on friday, leave a comment below if you have seen this rubbish comedy, or any of my other reviews!
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Evil Dead is a remake of the cult classic The Evil Dead series of films that started in the 80s in which a group of friends go into a cabin in the middle of the woods, "stumble" upon a ancient book of evil spirits and oncc they command the spirits by reading a passage from the book {known as "The book of the dead"} they uknowingly summon the evil that is lurking in the woods. Does this remake or "reimagining" do the original justice? In my opinion, YES!
From the opening 30 seconds of the film where you see an injured woman staggering through the woods, the tone is set for the films duration. Every second of this horror is laced with very impressive music/score that creates the right amount of suspense and tension.
The main plot is slightly different to the original as in this one theres a genuine reason why these young people go to the deserted cabin in the middle of the woods. The two main characters are David & his sister Mia. Mia is being taken by her brother and her concerned friends to the woodlands so she can kick her drug haabit and they are with her to help her through the cold turkey method she has taken. After a short while however, she begins to break under the pressure and wants to leave, but David refuses to let her go and is determined to see his sister beat the addiction once and for all.
The cabin itself is very creepy looking, and upon arrival Mia recoils at the horrible stench of death the place has and it soon becomes clear to the others. After discovering a trapdoor to the cellar, they soon find out the cause of the sickening smell and whilst there also discover an ancient book wrapped in barbed wire and looks like the covers are made of human skin. One night one of Mia's friends, Eric, begins exploring the book that consists of demonic imagery and spells. After repeating a few choice words from the book, he is unaware that the words he uttered are the words that awaken the dead. I will not go any further into the review spolier wise as i want anyone who is interested in seeing this to go and see it as soon as possible as this is a very good horror film and a worthy remake.
I wil warn you now guys, if excessive blood and gore are too much for you, then i advise you not to see this film as it is, to me anyway, the bloodiest film i've ever seen. The effects in this are brilliant, not much CGI used at all and with the star of the original Evil Dead {Bruce Campbell} and was produced in part by Sam Raimi who was also part of the original, you can tell they wanted to make it look as gory and authentic as the original.
Does this kind of film feel familar? A group of people go into a deserted cabin/house and all hell breaks loose? Probably, yes but this film knows what it is trying to achieve and its to the films credit that it doesnt take itself too seriously and goes all out to be a solid horror film. If you weren't a fan of the original Evil Dead films then maybe this won't be for you. If you think films like Saw makes violence seem like sick torture porn and far too much blood, then it also may not be for you, but for anyone else who just wants a solid old school horror film with next to no CGI in it and bllod and gore galore then  y all means this film is for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Is it dumb at times? yes. Does it take twists? yes, however does it put goosebumps on your skin? It did on mine thats for sure and for a horro to do that shows it's doing its job as in my opinion theres not alot of horror films that feel as good as this does. I'm eager to see if this spawns a sequel, hopefully it does and i will be first to go and see it!
My Rating - 9/10
Postives - Effects {not much CGI}, Tension and suspense in right moments, 90 mins long so did'nt feel too long
Negatives - {Not alot to be honest}, acting not the best, one silly "twist", gore and blood maybe too much for some people.
I will be going to see this film again, and for me that doesn't happen very often and i'm looking forward to a 2nd viewing!
Thanks again guys for reading my review, if you want to leave a comment below i would appreciate it :}, my next review wil be Olympus has fallen which i will see early next week.
If you have seen all the Evil Dead films, which one is your favourite, and why?
Are you intereested in seeing this film? Which is your favourite horror film of all time? Let me know!
Take care guys and i will see you next review!

Monday, 15 April 2013

To many people, the Scary Movie franchise is like Marmite, some people like it, some absolutely HATE it. I loved the first 2 films as they parodied some horror movies and all their cliches, after that in my opinion they got downright lazy in their writing so 3 & 4 were awful. So how was 5? Well as some of you know my least favourite "comedy" of all time is That's my boy starring Adam Sandler, i also hated Jack & Jill...this film tops them both. This is the worst attempt at comedy i have ever seen and it would be a tragedy if you paid to see this garbage, or even watched it online, save yourselves the time and PLEASE DO NOT SEE THIS FILM!
But Danny, is this film worse than Movie 43? Hell yes. The last segment of Movie 43 made me laugh, this doesn't come close to a chuckle. The opening scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan is evrything you see in the trailer below, surely it gets funny from ther right...right??? NO!
There is no real plot to these kind of films but this one is ridiculous to the point of being offensive. They parody Paranormal Activity 4, Inception and mainly, Mama. The film tries so hard to force, i repeat force, a laugh from you but fails on near enough every single level. For example the opening scene that we see Snoop Dogg in runs with a joke poking fun at The Cabin in the woods, they use a joke over and over and over again that at the 6th time i nearly walked out of the cinema, i didn't though as i wouldn't have been able to give this review.
Usual fart jokes and drug references are rife in this film but dear god i lost count at how many times they did a man getting hit in the face by an object, or falling over joke, over and over and over again, this film is rated as a 15, when clearly the audience they were aiming for is 5 year olds. This is an insulting attempt at comedy and not just the worst of this long, drawn out and finished franchise, but the worst comedy i have ever seen. They even screw up lip syncing voices in the film, at certain points its blatently obvious!
So what made me grin? I won't say laugh as this film doesn't know how to make anyone laugh. A scene with the physic {which is also in the trailer, you're welcome} and a couple of references to Inception were okay as they got a good actor who looked like Leonardo Di Caprio to play the part, other than that, nothing.
I know my review is not gospel and if you want to go and see it then by all means go and maybe you will enjoy this but i have a feeling this film will bomb at the box office and will be soon forgotten about, but in all honesty there is no point in giving your hard earned cash to a film that's not even trying and is gladly taking its audience for idots. Save  your money and spend it on something worthwhile, i don't like to tell people what to do with their movie choice and hopefully someone out there will enkoy this film, but i highly doubt it. Already this year we have had The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Movie 43 and now Scary Movie 5, i can only hope the comedy gets better soon.
My Rating - 2/10
Positives - Couple of decent cameos, Inception parody, parody of the spanish maid from paranormal activity. only 88 mins long!
Negatives - Bad lip syncing in parts, too much man getting hit with object humour, jokes fell flat, plot was terrible, bad acting, failed at being a comedy
Thanks again for checking out my review guys hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to go and calm down in a very dark room for a few hours and try and forget this "comedy". Comment below and let me know what you thought of this film if you've seen it. Also, what is your favourite and least favourite of the Scary Movie franchise?
I will post new material twice a week so keep your eyes open! :} 

Friday, 12 April 2013

To answer that question staright away, no, no this pathetic excuse for a B-movie horror is not the worst film i've ever seen, but it is a very top contender for that infamous title. From bad acting that would look bland on any typical soap opera, to camera work that looked like a person with Parkinsons Disease was operating it, to special effects that are just awful and outdated even for a film that only came out in 2011!
So what is this rubbish about? The films plot is all over the place, it starts out with a group of friends driving along a stretch of road {for reasons that the film doesn't bother telling you the viewer about} and make a stop in a very backward town in the middle of nowhere, where you can imagine how over the top and awkward they sound and act, and after hearing an urban legend about a man, who after losing the love of his life when she is killed by a white aligator, becomes one with the creature and somehow is transformed into a half breed aligator/human thing. Yes, it does sound terrible and to the films credit, the creature looks decent, bare in mind though that it is the best part of what is an absolute pile of crap. From that moment there are scenes of incest, plot "twists" that you see miles in advance, acting of the lowest possible quality, and plot holes that are ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, i like coemdy horror movies, but this is'nt even clever enough to be labelled a comedy horror which in my opinion if marketed and written as such, would have saved this film from falling into the category of one of the lowest grossing cinematic releases in film history. The group of friends are complete idiots, and why does it seem in horror movies nowadays there has to be a slut, a jock, a nerdy guy/girl, and a stoner guy or girl in near enough every horror film?! Cabin in the woods perfectly illustrated that fact to comedic effect, this however didn't and felt insluting to me viewing it.
I would never want anyone to have a film review from me totally spolied,by as i hope nobody ever sees this rubbish i will spoil the end of the film, sorry in advance. Our one remaining male survivor/hero, after rescuing his girlfriend from the hillbilly locals and the "creature" and their ritual,and after seemingly defeating the beast, the beast re-appears and drags the couple into a black hole {which by the way appears out of absolutely nowhere!} in which as a viewer you expect to be shown a scene where they fight and defeat the beast or die in their efforts right?? No. The next scene shows the morning after, shows no fight scene, but shows the couple escape from the mysterious black hole, with the male hero holding the creatures head! WHERE WAS THE FIGHT SCENE? The only interesting part of the film we do not get to see!! WHY??
{Deep breaths} sorry about that, but this film has angered me due to how bad it is with bad not being the word i want to use but as i won't use swearing on my review i will keep it clean. This is without doubt a joke of a film. There is no effort there at all. I will never tell anyone not to see a film unless i genuinely believe you will regret it,alot, but this is awful. Its an hour and a half of your life that you won't get back. Its on Netflix, Lovefilm and wherever online you can get movie streams so if you are into torturing yourself with terrible movies, still don't watch it!
My Rating - 1/10
Positives - Film is short, Creature looks decent, Decent music score to attempt to build tension
Negatives - {I'm only allowed 3?!} Acting is a joke, not scary, one of the worst films ever made
Thanks for seeing my review guys i appreciate every view :} Comment below let me know what is the worst film you have ever seen? and explain why please share your pain! {Its ok you're amongst friends here} I will have 3 new reviews out to you guys next week including the highly antisipated Evil Dead remake. Take care :}

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Now before i start, i've never read the novel that this film is based on {written by Brett Easton Ellis} so my experience American Pyscho is that of just the brilliant film starrin g the very talented Christian Bale, who plays Patrick Bateman, a Manhattan businessman who mixes his vanity and desire to make it to the top, with his insatiable lust of extreme violence and murder.
As soon as you see Bateman for the first time, you are introduced to his very strict and thorough morning workout. His ice cold stare tells you straight away that Patrick is a emotionless, almost sub human character. He openly admits to having "next to none human characteristics" and sees everyone in his life as a pawn in his game, and uses the "friends" he has and his girlfriend, to give a false human persona in order to seem "normal". 
This film is not a generic Horror film as this isn't entirely a horror film, yes it has scenes that are extremely violent but it is more of a very,very dark comedy/thriller.  The music used in this film is brilliant. Patrick Bateman's love of bands like Genesis and Hewey Louis & the news and also songs from Genesis frontman Phil Collins {one used in particular in the infamous "axe secene"} are used to some funny, and also violent scenes.
Willem Dafoe plays a brilliant part as a police officer who soon afetr Bateman goes on his muder spree, immediately suspects him and his pursuit of him is compelling. Jared Leto also makes an appearance as Paul Owen, a colleague of Bateman who meets a very violent death at Patricks hands, or indeed axe!
This film was the first Christian Bale i had seen and i feel he was perfect for the role of Patrick Bateman, i had read that Brad Pitt was the preferred choice, however i do not think the film would have been as big a success if Bale had'nt been involved. He could have you laughing, to shcoked in a matter of moments and shows how good and dedicated an actor he is.
If you have never seen this film {released in 2000}, then what are you waiting for?! I have also seen the 2nd American Pyscho film, and i didn't like that at all as it didn't feel like it tied in to the original apart from a brief cutaway scene at the beginning.
My Rating - 9/10
Positives - Chrsitian Bale's performance, Willem Dafoe, Very dark humour, Good thriller elements
Negatives - Violence is brutal in parts might not be to everyones taste, sometimes tries humour in wrong times.
Thanks alot for reading my review, i'm sorry i have been running late with reviews, i haven't had much time lately to go to the cinema so ive reviewed this film to keep my page updated :}
Comment below please if you want to say anything at all and my reviews will keep coming! ;}

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Just a side note before i start this review i know the irony in the V/H/S and i'm reviewing the DVD of it {well it made me chuckle anyway..moving on} So as you can tell by the trailer and indeed the thumbnail which does look like Michael Jackson during one of his many plastic surgery procedures, that this film is a Horror movie, of sorts. This film consists of 5 short films converted into the 1 main story. Now as we all know, the found footage genre has been done to death, from Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project and even comedy wise with Project X, but this film actually suits the shaky cam style and adds a certain level of scare and tension that in my opinion is much needed in horror films nowadays. I will go into a certain amount of detail with all the shorts but my personal , to me, is the 1st and the last ones as there in my opinion the most suspensful and creepy.
The main plot centres around a group of petty burgulars who are attempting to break into a house for one particular, and in my opinion stupid reason, to steal a video tape. Yes you read it correctly, to steal a video tape, now before you lose interest in the review and indeed the film, bare with me as it does pick up and makes the story relevant. As they are looking for this one tape they stumble upon a large collection of old vhs tapes and unsure which one is the right one, they decide to watch each one, which in turn is the tape the viewer ends up watching too. The first tape is a couple of guys out on a night out, and you notice straight away that theres this one girl who is very creepy looking and when one of the guys ends up hooking up with the creepy girls friend, end up going back to the guys' hotel room and what you expect to happen, starts to happen, until the creepy girls friend passes out, however the creepy girl, at first, makes out with one of the guys while the other is in the bathroom, a loud scream is heard and when he rushes back in the bedroom, lets just say he gets scared shitless! Of course i'm not going to reveal anymore on that part as i wont spoil anything for you but to me it creeped me out, a lot and in all honesty horror films don't do that to me very much nowadays.However the ending to this part was awful and for me killed the tension the scene was trying to build. The second mini movie is of a couple on their honeymoon and on a nightly basis someone enters their room and lurks over the couple, also steals money from the guys wallet and causes tension within the couple, leading to the finale which is good but very predictible.
The 3rd mini movie in my opinion was the most inovative, but the dumbest at the same time. It takes place in the woods with a group of friends and follows all the horror movie cliches, attractive women randomly taking their clothes off and doing drugs etc, but the twist is there is a killer in the woods, but its shown as static image and while ive never seen that done in a horror film before, it looked ridiculous and took me completely out of that scene. The 4th mini movie is a Skype conversation between a man and a woman and the woman is convinced her flat/apartment is haunted, this one was okay and had a slight twist but was very corny in parts and although Paranormal Activity 4 came out a year after this film did, i think it heavily copied certain elements off V/H/S.
Whilst watching the old tapes, the burglars encounter "problems" from within the house, and after each tape is shown, the camera shows the burglars watching and you notice certain things in the room in which they sit, some things seem to disappear and move around and it throws you off abit and is creepy to an extent.
The last mini movie centres around a group of friends off to a halloween party, but turn up at the wrong house and what appears to be a quiet vacant home soon disappears and while it can be scary and is intended to be, i thought the special effects were very good in this part and made it cool as opposed to being really scary.
Overall, i liked the effort this film made to try and be different in this boring and stale genre, however in my opinion, this film had 2/3 good sketches but when it's bad, its awful. The special effects are good for an indie movie. The first tape though did scare me, that creepy woman scared the shit out of me and i have to applaude a film that makes me still freaked out!
I would recommend this film for fans of horror,if you're a fan of the Paranormal Activity style shaky cam production, then i think you will enjoy this alot. If the shaky cam elemnt annoys you, and to be honest i could see why if it did, then this is probably not in your vibe.
My Rating - 7/10
Positives - Very good sound and special effects, 2/3 of the tapes were good and creepy, tried to be different to same old horror formula
Negatives - 1 particulat tape was terrible and boring as hell, at times too much shaky cam, the ending felt very flat and in my opinion killed the tension
Thanks alot for reading this review guys be sure to check in every friday and sunday for more reviews and if you want to leave a comment below feel free :}
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