Friday, 19 April 2013

Evil Dead is a remake of the cult classic The Evil Dead series of films that started in the 80s in which a group of friends go into a cabin in the middle of the woods, "stumble" upon a ancient book of evil spirits and oncc they command the spirits by reading a passage from the book {known as "The book of the dead"} they uknowingly summon the evil that is lurking in the woods. Does this remake or "reimagining" do the original justice? In my opinion, YES!
From the opening 30 seconds of the film where you see an injured woman staggering through the woods, the tone is set for the films duration. Every second of this horror is laced with very impressive music/score that creates the right amount of suspense and tension.
The main plot is slightly different to the original as in this one theres a genuine reason why these young people go to the deserted cabin in the middle of the woods. The two main characters are David & his sister Mia. Mia is being taken by her brother and her concerned friends to the woodlands so she can kick her drug haabit and they are with her to help her through the cold turkey method she has taken. After a short while however, she begins to break under the pressure and wants to leave, but David refuses to let her go and is determined to see his sister beat the addiction once and for all.
The cabin itself is very creepy looking, and upon arrival Mia recoils at the horrible stench of death the place has and it soon becomes clear to the others. After discovering a trapdoor to the cellar, they soon find out the cause of the sickening smell and whilst there also discover an ancient book wrapped in barbed wire and looks like the covers are made of human skin. One night one of Mia's friends, Eric, begins exploring the book that consists of demonic imagery and spells. After repeating a few choice words from the book, he is unaware that the words he uttered are the words that awaken the dead. I will not go any further into the review spolier wise as i want anyone who is interested in seeing this to go and see it as soon as possible as this is a very good horror film and a worthy remake.
I wil warn you now guys, if excessive blood and gore are too much for you, then i advise you not to see this film as it is, to me anyway, the bloodiest film i've ever seen. The effects in this are brilliant, not much CGI used at all and with the star of the original Evil Dead {Bruce Campbell} and was produced in part by Sam Raimi who was also part of the original, you can tell they wanted to make it look as gory and authentic as the original.
Does this kind of film feel familar? A group of people go into a deserted cabin/house and all hell breaks loose? Probably, yes but this film knows what it is trying to achieve and its to the films credit that it doesnt take itself too seriously and goes all out to be a solid horror film. If you weren't a fan of the original Evil Dead films then maybe this won't be for you. If you think films like Saw makes violence seem like sick torture porn and far too much blood, then it also may not be for you, but for anyone else who just wants a solid old school horror film with next to no CGI in it and bllod and gore galore then  y all means this film is for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Is it dumb at times? yes. Does it take twists? yes, however does it put goosebumps on your skin? It did on mine thats for sure and for a horro to do that shows it's doing its job as in my opinion theres not alot of horror films that feel as good as this does. I'm eager to see if this spawns a sequel, hopefully it does and i will be first to go and see it!
My Rating - 9/10
Postives - Effects {not much CGI}, Tension and suspense in right moments, 90 mins long so did'nt feel too long
Negatives - {Not alot to be honest}, acting not the best, one silly "twist", gore and blood maybe too much for some people.
I will be going to see this film again, and for me that doesn't happen very often and i'm looking forward to a 2nd viewing!
Thanks again guys for reading my review, if you want to leave a comment below i would appreciate it :}, my next review wil be Olympus has fallen which i will see early next week.
If you have seen all the Evil Dead films, which one is your favourite, and why?
Are you intereested in seeing this film? Which is your favourite horror film of all time? Let me know!
Take care guys and i will see you next review!