Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hi everyone I'm back to doing my reviews again and I have some catching up to do! But I have to start with this film as I feel if anyone who is excited for the DVD release of Devil's Due and hasn't had the unfortunate event of actually paying their money at the cinema t see this, to please think again. But i will give my honest review on this "Horror" film, but I will not hold back.
Devil's Due is a found footage horror film {yes, we have all seen far too many of these films now but bare with me}. The main characters in this film are a newly married couple who once the film starts, are on their honeymoon, of course, they film everything, a cliché of the found footage style film making process at this point. Whilst on a night out, they are in a taxi back to their hotel when their driver suggests that if they are up for it, to check out a new 'secret' dance club to which only a few people know about. Now ask yourself, if you were on your honeymoon and unaware of your surroundings, and a strange man says to you would you like to come with me to this secret club...would you go? Or are you someone with an actual functioning brain and say hell no?! Exactly. But no, these tow morons end up agreeing and off they go. Whilst travelling to their mysterious destination you seen many boarded up houses, in the middle of nowhere, yet they still have no regrets?!
Once they enter the club, all seems normal and fun, but you know something bad is obviously going to happen, and you would be right. After drinking too much and passing out, we then see blurry images of the wife being carried into an isolated room, some strange noises can be heard and a strange symbol can be seen in the background. The next scene follows events the day after, and to the wife's delight, she discovers she is pregnant. Over the next few months her behaviour becomes more obscure, you can honestly guess how the rest of the film pans out. She is possessed and carrying a demon child.
I honestly apologise for this not very detailed review but I think this covers the important aspects of this film. I can truly say this is one of the most uninteresting, lazy, boring horror films I have EVER seen. The lack of atmosphere in this film is appalling. The two main actors who play the married couple are so incredibly dumb in their decision making that you lose any feelings of pity for them when the shit hits the fan. I think the found footage genre is a dying art now and this film should be the last of it, but we all know I won't be. There is one particular scene I have to tell you about so SPOILER ALERT for the next paragraph just to warn you.
The wife in this film is a Vegetarian. In one scene that is meant to be suspenseful and terrifying, she is shown {On CCTV footage from inside the supermarket she is in}, quietly wondering around. Until she is near the meat section, she then {I'm trying not to laugh while typing this}stares at some frozen meat, she then proceeds to {after staring it for what seems like an eternity} take some frozen meat out of the packet, and eat it raw. I'm sure they were trying to be scary with that scene, but in the cinema i was in where there was just 4 of us in , we all burst out laughing!
The acting is truly awful in this film, the actors seemed lifeless and had no personality to speak of. I found myself staying with the film hoping against all hope that it would improve, but I was very wrong. I have another issue with the film, the ending. I won't spoil the ending in the review so don't worry, but although it made a little bit of sense, it felt like there was no comeuppance for the villains in the film, which to me felt like the audience had been mislead.
Can I find any positives? It is a very short film, clocking in just under 90 minutes so it isn't too bad. Other than that, I'm sorry everyone but I can't and won't recommend this utter garbage to anyone, even if you can get this for FREE I wouldn't waste your time.
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Thanks again guys for reading my reviews I really appreciate it my next review will be for the Lego movie which I will post on Sunday. 
Take Care :}