Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Now i know this wasn't my next review as i was going to see Olympus has fallen, however i havent been able to see it as of yet and the next film i will be seeing is Iron Man 3 on thursday so check out that review on friday :}. But on to this, i received this dvd as part of the 3 dvds i got from lovefilm and wanted to know if this film would be funny, as personally i haven't seen that many good {or funny} parody films of mainly horror cliches featured in films like Paranormal Activity and the devil inside. This however, somehow fails at every conceivable level of a comedy and it on a par with Scary Movie 5 as one of the worst comedies i've ever watched.
So lets talk about the plot? What plot?! It starts out like paranormal activity with a family moves into a new house and as you can guess, not long after they move in, supernatural situations occur. The family consists of the mother and father {both incredibly dumb even for a parody film}, a young baby who  for no reason whatsoever they mock up to look like a wigger {Why??!!} and the typical moody teenager. Now without telling you everything that goes on in this film, apart from references to the films highlighted in the title sequence, they make jokes of Steve Jobs' death in one scene, Donald Trump {who was probably thr best part of this as the guy they got to inpersonate him was good} and why have him in there? Because the father of the family has an interview with the Umbrella Corporation {Resident Evil reference} and Trup is the C.E.O of them! WHAT?!
Its sounds alot funnier you reading it than it is on screen, and when they challenge the ghost to reveal itself, who shows up?...BANE FROM BATMAN! Why??
Now maybe i'm not silly enough to turn my brain off so much that even a film with non sensical references {notice i say references, not jokes}, but this is an insult to the word "comedy". I enjoy horror films but i also enjoy horror film parodies too, when they're done properly and have JOKES in them. You want to know how many times i laughed in this film? Twice, and even thinking about that fact makes me feel ill. I could feel my brain cells escaping the more the film continued and instead of laughing, i was sat in silence, totally shocked at what i was watching.
Also on a side note, when did fart jokes stop being funny? Age 5? 6? 10??? Nope, not to these idiots who directed this film, granted there's not a hell of a lot of those jokes in here, but why have them in at all? I feel a fat joke is put in a film when the writers and directors don't know how to get a genuine laugh in a scene. I would even say if you have the mental age of a toddler i would say go and watch this, but that is an insult to toddlers!
I honestly don't know how these films keep getting released and make so much money? I luckily got this on DVD as i don't think it was released in U.K cinemas, but i am glad this didn't reach us.
My Rating - 2/10
Positives - 2 laughs, good Donald Trump impressionist
Negatives - {Where to start?!} pointless references, fart jokes, simply not funny!
Thanks alot guys for checking out this review, my next review will be Iron Man 3 and that will be uploaded on friday, leave a comment below if you have seen this rubbish comedy, or any of my other reviews!
Take care :}