Friday, 24 May 2013

The Hangover has now spawned a trilogy following the exploits of 4 friends on a drunken rampage with the first film taking them on a wild trip through Las Vegas and the second film based in Bangkok, the series ends with the "epic conclusion" to one of the biggest grossing comedies of all time. I personally loved the first Hangover film as it was unique and different to many other drunken party type of films, and it was hilarious! I didn't like the second film as I felt it wasn't as funny as the first and felt like a exact copy of the first film and was a little bit darker in tone than the first. I am pleased to say that this film is a lot better than the second instalment however I'm glad that this franchise has ended.

This film doesn't actually feature any "hangover", there's no blacking out segments and they don't have to find a missing member of the "wolf pack", they do however still end up on a crazy journey which in the later stages takes them back to Las Vegas, where it all began. The main plot of this film, in brief, is that Alan (Zach Galifanakis) after the death of his father is approached by concerned family and friends in an attempt to form an intervention, telling him that his outlandish behaviour needs to stop So they propose to him a place away with his fellow wolf pack members in order to straighten him out, he reluctantly agrees. However on the way there they are drove off the road and kidnapped by a group of masked men, and their boss Marshall (John Goodman). Marshall is a gangster who was ripped off by Leslie Chow (many of you who have seen the previous hangover films will know this guy) and so he tells the wolf pack to find Chow and bring him to Marshall or he will kill their friend Douglas, who they take as an "insurance policy". The rest of the film then follows the trio of Alan, Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stuart (Ed Helms) trying to find Mr Chow and as usual the journey takes some crazy turns including Stuart's reunion with his former stripper ex Jade (Heather Graham).

Zach Galifanakis steals the show once again as the hilarious man-child Alan. Like the first film, some of his dialogue had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. His constant bickering with Stuart I found entertaining as well. As shown in part in the trailer,the funeral scene to me was the funniest scene in the entire film, was brilliant! Leslie Chow was a major part of the film, obviously, as the main plot centred around him, and while he is a funny guy and his friendship with Alan showcases some of the trilogy's best moments, his voice to me personally started to grate on me after a while. I liked John Goodman as Mitchell and would have liked to have seen him more in the film as I felt he was good in every scene he was in, blending between being funny and serious in quick succession. Similar to the second film, Phil and Stuart aren't in as many funny scenes and seem to take a back seat again which is a shame but they played their parts well. The film also seemed to be more dramatic and more of a thriller than a comedy at times which personally I liked as there was a genuine and proper story instead of the original heavy night drinking and blackout element.

The Hangover part III is an enjoyable comedy that ties together the previous two films very well with some good flashbacks and shoutouts scenes while still progressing the story and giving the fans a satisfying conclusion to the series. There are a couple of memorable scenes in this one unlike the previous film, one in particular with Alan and a young woman in a cash for gold store {the woman is played by Melissa McCarthy} that had me laughing hard!

If you are a fan of the hangover series then you will enjoy this film, it's maybe not as not as funny as the original it's still a solid comedy, however if you cannot stand these kind of films then I don't think this will change your opinion.

My Rating - 7/10

Positives - Alan, Mr Chow, John Goodman, good stunt work, tied in well with previous films.

Negatives - Not as funny as first film, one scene with Alan and baby Carlos made me feel uncomfortable, Phil and Stuart not used much, Chow's voice, would have liked to see more of John Goodman.

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