Thursday, 16 May 2013

Now I know lots of you have seen this 90s classic comedy starring the hilarious Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan and Sally Fields, but seeing as this is one of my favourite comedies ever made, I thought a classic review was in order!

The story centres upon Daniel (Williams) a middle aged man who is struggling to hold jobs, couple that with the strain of his marriage to Miranda (Fields) to which they have 3 children. The couples relationship breaks down and after Daniel goes too far organising his sons' "surprise" birthday party, turning the house into a pig sty, a heated row insues and Miranda demands a divorce after telling him shed fallen out of love with him. The court then rules that Miranda have sole custody of the children, leaving Daniel homeless and jobless. Due to the court ruling he is given 3 months to find accomadate on and hold down a job so he can see his kids more often. After Miranda advertises for a housekeeper, she is wowed by a "woman" named Euphegenia Doubtfire. Daniel then seeks out his brother who is a make-up and prosthetics designer who transforms Daniel into Mrs Doubtfire. 

Daniel manages to pull the wool over Mirandas eyes and although the children initially don't take to Mrs Doubtfire, they warm to her eventually unaware that their bond with her is stronger than they think. Even though she has a few close shaves (no pun intended) her true identity is kept intact until eventually the truth is revealed in one particularly funny scene at a "family" dinner. Without telling too much about the plot, this film has a good blend between the great comedy elements it presents, along with a strong message about the problems and stress that divorce can have upon a family.  Robin Williams steals the show, as he usually does in many of his roles. His range of voice talent is fantastic and showed in spades in this film. Sally Fields plays a good supporting role as Daniel's wife Miranda and also has some funny exchanges, mainly with Williams. Pierce Brosnan also plays a great part as the smarmy businessman Stuart Dunmire who gets romantically involved with Miranda and her exchanges with the obviously disgruntled Daniel/Mrs Doubtfire make for entertaining viewing. This is without doubt one of those comedies that never gets old, yet ages well as it wouldn't look out of place if released in 2013. 

The soundtrack and musical score is well done and sets the scene very well and the famous " Dude look like a lady" song is used in one particularly funny scene. The score, especially in the more dramatic and sombre scenes adds tension and sadness to certain elements of the film. The end scene itself in particular has some music that makes me personally close to tears every time. 

I could personally spend all day talking about this wonderful film but I think I've covered the basics here. If for some unknown reason, you have never seen this classic, watch it, on DVD, Netflix, love film, any way you can this is a timeless classic that you will find yourself watching time and time again. 

My Rating 10/10 

Positives - {where to start?!} Make-up effects, Robin Williams, Sally Fields, Pierce Brosnan, very funny, dramatic when it needs to be, good musical score and soundtrack.

Negatives - If you're not a Robin Williams fan you probably won't like this, cross dressing not for everybody!

Thanks again for reading my review guys :} hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment below let me know how you feel about this film, if you like it what was your favourite scene? What is your favourite Robin Williams film? Whatever you want to let me know, let me know!

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