Tuesday, 7 May 2013

21 & Over is a comedy centered around 3 friends, Casey, Miller and the main character Jeff Chang. Jeff is a 20 year old student preparing for his doctor exams that are fast approaching and is put under immense pressure by his strict father to not let him and pass these life changing exams. However when he is visited by his friends {Casey and Miller} they tell him that as he is fast approaching 21 that he should go on a wild night out to celebrate. After initially being hesistant, he agrees to go out with thm and that's where the zany "adventures" begin. Now i will say to you right now, look at that trailer above, funny isn't it? Well watch that and be thankful that you just saw the best parts of the film, for free, you're welcome. It's made by the same producers of the very popular Hangover series, and this is basically Hangover 2, and not alot of people like Hangover 2. This film tries so hard to be new and fresh and funny, but fails on near enough every level.
If you have seen Superbad, then this film is the B movie version of that, minus alot of the humour. We have Casey and Miller who are the Jonah Hill and Michael Cera of the group but not nearly as funny, but Miller is twice as annoying as Hill. I did find myself liking Jeff Chang the most, which is what the film ios aiming to make you do, and even then his "craziest" scenes are very few and far between. Honestly guys, the best parts are in thee trailer, this style of comedy has been done to detah recently in the last few years and this does nothing different in my opinion. Ny funniest characters were a group of jocks that the group run into half way through thr film and their lines were the funniest in the film, although that isn't saying alot.
The soundtrack is very good though, as you would expect for a party themed roadtrip kind of film, plenty of dance and hip hop tunes along with a little bit of dubstep. I found myself enjoying the side plot involving Casey and a young woman named Nicole, a college girl who is the girlfriend of one of the main college jocks, their "romantic" side plot was far better than the boring overly done to death "funny" scenes in this film.
So is this film terrible? No, honestly it's not it's just boring for the most part and offers nothing different to an already bled dry comedy style. There is a couple of laughss in here, but you have to wait a long time to get them. If you completely love these kind of films you won't dislike this either, it's more of what you have come to expect, and while i didn't like Hangover 2, i'd suggest waiting untill Hangover 3 comes out instead of this very short, not very funny Superbad ripoff.
My Rating 5/10
Positives - Jeff Chang, Nicole and Casey's story, couple of good funny scenes, good soundtrack
Negatives - Not original, Miller is annoying as hell, They repeat Jeff Changs name far too much, best scenes spoiled in the trailer.
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