Thursday, 7 March 2013


After seeing the trailer for Mama i was immediately intrigued into going to see this film. I'm a sucker for horror movies in general and after seeing creepy kids in the fantastic Sinister {I dont now why but creepy kids in horror films freak me out!} i couldn't wait to see it. It stars Jessica Chastain {Annabell} and Nikolaj Coster Waldau {Lucas} who play a couple who are desperately searching for Lucas' Nieces who were last seen with Lucas' brother, who after shooting dead his wife following a breakdown occuring during the 2008 financial crisis, takes his daughters hostage in his car. Following a crash, he takes his daughters into the woods where they discover a cabin. In order to take refuge, Lucas' brother takes the girls into the cabin, in a state of panic he attempts to shoot one of his daughters when something, or indeed someone, stops him in fatal fashion, this is where we meet "Mama" for the first time however not in full view which leaves the viewers imagination to wander what this thing looks like. 5 Years pass and whilst Lucas and Annabell continue, in vain, to search for the girls, the girls have been miraculously been surviving thanks to berries from "mama", by this time nearly all human traits of them have disappeared and now resemble animals, crawling around, lingering in the darkest corners of rooms and generally looking scary! The girls are eventually found and Lucas and Annabell get to see how animalistic they have become and Lucas decides he wants to take the children {Victoria,the eldest and Lily the youngest} into his home and try and provide them with a more "normal" life, which at first Annabell understandably doesnt seem too keen, but eventually agrees. However the gitls have not come alone, "Mama" comes along too and this is where i stop revealing the plot of the film as i dont want to ruin it for you. We do see a few jump scares at the beginning though i won't lie, but it soons stops and in all honesty the best actresses in the film were the kids! Jessica Chastains character at first comes across as a complete bitch. She's in a rock band and comes across as a hard nosed,with a i don't care attitude and initially doesnt warm to the kids, but after time and one specific heart warming scene she learns to love them. However, "Mama"'s jealousy shows and soon all hell breaks loose! There is some good special effects in this film and not alot of blood which is'nt essiential in a horror movie anyway but its a warning to you if you expect gore as there isnt any.There is A LOT of CGI in this film though i'm sorry to say and that takes away the scares from the film and just makes it look cool in parts as supposed to trying to be genuinely frightening. This is not your usual run of the mill horror film as {no spoilers} towards the end of the film it centres more on a fantasy element which makes me feel like the producers didn't know what film genre they wanted to hit. The children are genuinely creepy and Annabell and Lucas play a good part. There is some very impressive images in this film and whilst the ending was'nt to my particular taste, it does do something different and that can only be a compliment to the film. I'm sorry i cannot go any further into the plot without spoiling it and i do not want to do that so i would recommend seeing this film and judging it for yourself.

My Rating - 6/10

Positives - Special Effects, the child actors, Annabell and Lucas
Negatives - The ending, too much CGI, few jump scares at the start

Thanks for checking this review out guys and i will be back with another one very soon :}