Friday, 8 March 2013


I know this film has recently finished its cinema run,but i love this film so much that i will be pre ordering this and cannot wait to have this in my dvd colection! Now i will confess, ive not seen alot of Quentin Tarrantino's work {I know i must have been living under a rock} apart from the fantastic Pulp Fiction so i'm not as big a fan of him as alot of people seem to be. However once i saw the trailer for this film i was immediately impressed and wanted to see what it had in store for me. Wow, this film is brilliant! Again, i will not spoil the film for you incase you havent seen it and want to buy the dvd and go into it blind folded, in brief though, the films main stars are Christoph Waltz as Dr King Schultz , Jamie Foxx as Django, Samuel L Jackson as Stephen, Kerry Washington as Djangos wife Broomhilda Von Shaft and in my opinion THE star of the entire film, Leonardo Di Caprio as Calvin Candie. The film is a western and as i've never watched a western i went into this not expecting anything too spectacular and with a runtime of 3 and a half hours, i did hope it wasn't going to be a disappointment. The film starts with a group of black slaves { the film being set in 1858} being transported after being bought by The Speck Brothers {Ace and Dicky}. Amongst these slaves is our hero, Django. Along their journey they meet Dr King Shultz, a german doctor, and they are unaware he is a bounty hunter. After a bloody conforntation resulting in both Specks being killed, Shultz encounters Django, he asks if he knows of the Brittle Brothers, django says yes in which Schultz offers Django freedom in return for partnering with him to find and kill the Brittle Brothers. After agreeing, Dr Schultz rescues django and the other slaves and django and schultz ride off together in search of the bounty. This film has some amazing music and score, really setting the mood for the film and takes you right into the western themed world they have set. Django starts out as hate filled, but a mere novice in bounty hunting, but after collecting their first couple, he and schultz make a very formiddable team and theres a genuine bond there that shows their excellent chemistry on screen.

They discover later in the film, that Django's wife is being held captive at a plantation owned by Calvin Candie and this is where for me, the film shows how truely talented Di Caprio is. He has a certain air of confidence, whilst being genuinely evil and he plays the character up so much which makes you like him even though you should dispise him. You want Django to succeed but when Candie is being evil you tend to like him too in a strange way, obviously a compliment to how well acted his character is. Samuel L Jackson as Stephen is fantastic, he himself a slave to Candie but seems to have an air of self importance about him, like he's better than the other slaves and that does make for some comedic moments but in an instant he can go to being downright threatening showing how diverse he is as an actor. As many people who are fans of tarrantino's work come to expect certain aspects to his films, Lots of blood, over the top action sequences, and alot of foul language aswell as edgy language {the use of the N word in this particular film}, and all of those are in there, very much so! Some people may be upset with the amount of times the N word is used in the film but i didn't at any point feel it was too much or not needed and in my opinion is probably reminiscent of the language that was used at the time in history. I have not gone any further into the film because it is a 3 and a half hourt film and i couldnt possibly mention every part of this without spoiling it so i won't. There's even a couple of cameo appearances in this that will surprise you.

Simply put, this is a must see film. Its brilliantly acted, well shot, very stylistic and apart from 2 small moments where they use 2 Rap songs in a scene which took me out of the film a couple times, this is a fanstatic film which not only will please tarrantino fans, but fans of great films in general.

My rating - 9/10

Positives - Acting {Especially Leonardo Di Caprio and Christoph Waltz, funny in the right scenes, Musical Score.

Negatives - 2 out of places song choices in 2 scenes, a little too long {run time}, blood is too fake looking

Thanks again guys for checking out my review, i'm still in the early stages of learning to do blogs so bare with me if you can. Please feel free to comment and i will be doing another review very soon :}