Tuesday, 27 August 2013

We're The Millers is a comedy starring Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter and Ed Helms.
When I first saw this film's trailer which played before I saw Grown Ups 2 {which still the thought of the title alone brings back so HAUNTING memories}, I thought the film looked very funny and looked entertaining.
Here is a simple breakdown of the film's plot {with very minor spoilers}. David Clark {Sudeikis} is a small time street drug dealer who deals marijuana and is fairly well known in his home town. One night, David is attacked and loses his entire stash of drugs and all the money he had accumulated through his line of 'work'. This obviously angers his boss, Brad {Helms}, and decides to proposition David. He tells him in order to redeem himself he has to cross the border to Mexico, pick up "a small amount" of drugs, and bring it back to the U.S. David reluctantly accepts, but soon realises doing this job alone would be near impossible, so he attempts to assemble 3 people to pass as his family so they can easily get through the border undetected. He enlists two people from his apartment block, a stripper called Rose {Anniston} and his neighbour 18 year old shy guy Kenny {Poulter}. He encounters his chosen 'daughter' Casey {Roberts} in one of the opening scenes as he sees the homeless young girl intimidated into giving her IPhone to some local thugs. So now we have our family, Father David, Mother Rose, Daughter Casey and Son Kenny, The Millers. What follows is a very enjoyable, funny comedy with plenty of one liners and crude humour, and I thoroughly enjoyed this film!
Jason Sudeikis was very funny as the father of this misfit and fake family, his comic timing is impeccable and his sarcasm is something I personally enjoyed. Emma Roberts, although not the most vocal of the cast, does have some good exchanges, especially with her 'brother' Kenny. Jennifer Anniston was great too, as she is mainly associated as being too nice as a person, in this film she wasn't afraid to be crude and swear now and again, which I enjoyed a lot and she has comedic chemistry with Sudeikis {also lets be honest, she isn't exactly bad to look at either!, just had to mention that..}.
But the cast member who in my opinion, and no doubt in many people's minds, STEALS the entire film was Will Poulter as Kenny. He was hilarious. He has a natural face for comedy { I obviously mean that in the nicest way possible}he has this innocent but docile look about him that before he even does or says anything you start to laugh. If you haven't seen the trailer for the film, you wont have seen his best parts so if you can help it please don't watch the trailer {and I'm aware I've put the trailer above but just incase you still want to see the trailer before you decide whether you want to go and see it}.
In many comedies I've seen this year, many of them have been truly awful. Many of them also have a segment where the film slows down, this film doesn't in my opinion. Yes, it allows story development in between the more comedic scenes, but even most of those are funny too so it doesn't take you out of the film.
We're The Millers has surprised me, very much so. Is it original? No, it is essentially another road trip family film, but it is a very funny road trip film. I did not expect, judging by the trailer, for it to be this good. I highly recommend We're The Millers, especially if you like the more crude and uncomfortable humour, which I personally do.
My Rating - 9/10
Positives - Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, Ed Helms, {minor spoiler, the millers run into a very strange family in the middle of the film, they were hilarious and made for a few funny scenes}.
*Also a positive and many many men {and women} will agree, Jennifer Anniston as a stripper in a film, GENIUS!
Negatives - If you don't like crude humour you wont enjoy this film, it's very silly and rude at times but not to the extent Grown Ups 2 was where it got very childish, this is very much a comedy that is not taking itself too seriously. Also, it was a little bit long as just under 2 hours run time, but I mean the film itself felt long, however I still thought it was justified in it's length.
Stay after the film ends for a couple of minutes as there is a Gag Reel. Out-takes montage at the end which is very funny especially the very last part!
Thanks again everyone for reading my review of We're The Millers and for reading my other reviews I appreciate it very much!
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