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Grown Ups 2 is a comedy starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock. The film is a direct sequel to the first Grown Ups film which I thought was actually quite funny, was it hilarious? No. But it was entertaining for the most part, with a good and simple story and had a good heart to it. So here comes the it as good as the first film?....No
Now many people who know me know I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan, as a kid I enjoyed Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. It appealed to me as a kid because it was very silly well...child based humour. The thing is though many of Sandler's fans who have seen his older films have grown up {no pun intended}and now the "humour" of his films just aren't funny anymore, not that they were that funny to begin with!
So what about the plot of this "comedy"? What plot? Well the basic feeling here is that there is no main plot, just a lot of side plots involving the 4 main characters and their families and how the fathers come to terms with their kids becoming older and the challenges that they are facing within that. Other than that, absolutely nothing. Seriously. Ok right from the very first scene in this film you know you're in for a god awful time {it's seen in the trailer too, you're welcome}. Adam Sandler is in bed with his wife, played by Selma Hayek, and Sandler awakes to see a Deer in his bedroom. Yes, a CGI Deer in his bedroom...who once Sandler realises is there, screams at the deer and the deer stands on its hind legs and pees in Sandler's mouth. Why?  God only knows, guess that's meant to be funny, right? RIGHT? Nope.
From then on we are 'treated to' over 90 minutes of fart jokes, gay jokes {one particular scene with a gay cheerleader car wash...}, some not bad cameos and in all honesty a complete mess of a film and a 'comedy' that is a joke to even call it that.
I'm so sorry everyone who maybe thought this film would be half decent but I hope to {even though I don't like to tell anyone not to go see a film because it is your choice} get this across to you as clear as possible, this is NOT a funny film, at all.
Is there ANY positives? Like I said there are some decent cameos {most of whom are spoiled by the trailer}and one in particular cameo I enjoyed quite a lot to be honest, but that is literally it. I know I am meant to be objective as a reviewer and believe I am, because I could be ALOT crueller to this film but I won't go too far. I firmly believe now that Adam Sandler is not even trying anymore. After other huge flops such as Jack & Jill and That's My Boy, I feel this is another huge mess and a comedy that fails in nearly every single element.
Now don't get me wrong I am not above laughing at very simple and dumb jokes, my friends and family will agree there, but this is borderline insulting. I don't think fart jokes are funny, even less so when its repeated over a dozen times in an hour and a half. All this film is essentially is random scenes that last a few minutes, drag forever to get to the pinch line, and the punch line is awful and thus the joke falls flat.
I was sat in a screening today which was nearly full capacity, and on estimation half of those people walked out after 30 minutes...30 MINUTES. The film also suffers from not knowing what audience the film is meant for. For example one scene will feature dumb fart jokes for the teenagers and under, yet next scene will show a high school party type situation with half naked women in it, you understand my point?
I encourage anyone who is even thinking of seeing this turd of a film to please re consider, your money is more valued anywhere else than spending it on this terrible film and especially Adam Sandler's unfunny material. Kick Ass 2 is out this week why not save your cash for that, or anything else.
My Rating - 2/10
SPOILER : Please be aware that in my positives/negatives I will say names of people who are in this film, if you have not seen the trailer or just don't want anything ruined for you please do not continue reading. Thank you.
Positives - Stone Cold Steve Austin {cameo}, Shaq {he was reasonably good} Taylor Lautner {yes, I know I never thought I'd ever say this but hopefully you know how awful this film is when HE is one of the best parts in it, had a big part}, Selma Hayek is attractive {always a plus}, the kid who plays Chris Rock's youngest child was cute and funnier than most of the cast}
Negatives - Jokes were terrible, fart, shit jokes {literally}, homosexual jokes have been done to death at this point, David Spade {one of the un funniest comedians I have ever seen}, Nick Swardson {even worse than David Spade, Nick plays Nick Hillard.
Truly this is one of the worst comedies I've seen in a very long time. Is it worse than Scary Movie 5? Nope, but it is worse than Burt Wonderstone and Movie 43, in my opinion.
Thanks again for reading this review everyone I really appreciate the support. I just also want to thank you all for reading my review of The Conjuring which is now my highest viewed review so far so thank you very much!
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By the way, here is what I think perfectly describes my thoughts on how annoying this film was, the link below perfectly illustrates how it made me feel. Take care :}